Jovokhir Attoev was apprehended at the border and then released into the country

A suspected ISIS terrorist was able to live illegally in the US for two years before being picked up by ICE, in Baltimore. He is now in custody in Pennsylvania.

Jovokhir Attoev, 33, from Uzbekistan, crossed into Arizona from Mexico in February 2022. After being stopped by Border Patrol agents, he was released into the US on bond, because no relevant information about him could be found.

A year later, in May 2023, Uzbekistan issued an international warning that Attoev was wanted for links to ISIS, but it took a further ten months for the US government to identify Attoev as the man the Uzbek government was warning about, when they reviewed his asylum application, and then a further month to apprehend him.

Attoev was arrested in Baltimore on April 17. It has been announced that he will face an immigration court in Jersey this coming week.

⚠️WARNING: Imagine this thrilling scenario: a 33-year-old man hailing from Uzbekistan, Jovokhir Attoev, freely crosses the US border in February 2022, defying all odds.

Despite his status as an illegal immigrant, he is miraculously granted release by the Biden administration and…

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This is not the first time a potential Islamic terrorist has been apprehended after crossing the US southern border. At the beginning of last month, the spotlight was on the case of Mohammad Kharwin, 48, a suspected member of the terrorist group Hezb-e-Islami who also crossed from Mexico and spent a year travelling the country until he was arrested by ICE.

Kharwin had also been detained and then released by Border Patrol. Although there was evidence Kharwin was a suspected terrorist, he was still released.

A source told NBC News that “there is no reason to believe this individual entered the country as part of a terrorist mission.”

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