A significant proportion of protestors arrested at two New York universities had no affiliation with the universities

Over a quarter of arrests made by NYPD at the pro-Palestine demonstrations at Columbia University were of people “not affiliated” with the university, according to the NYPD.

29% of the people arrested at Columbia were not students or members of the university claimed a statement that was issued by the Police Department on Thursday night.

The figure was even higher at City College of New York. The NYPD said 60% of arrestees there on Tuesday night had nothing to do with the university.

Deputy Police Commissioner Kaz Daughtry voiced his opinion that the protests are being directed and funded from outside.

“There is somebody funding this. There is somebody radicalizing our students,” the deputy commissioner said. He pointed to “literature and leaflets” found at both campuses as evidence in support of his claims.

“Someone is radicalising our students” & “we will find out who that is” say police after NYU & New School raid.


— Visegrád 24 (@visegrad24) May 3, 2024

The Deputy Commissioner’s words echoed those of New York Mayor Eric Adams, who has said that “outside agitators” are coordinating and pushing the protests into violence. Adams said that the occupation and vandalism of Hamilton Hall at Columbia was “the tipping point for me.”

Across the US, well over 2000 people have now been arrested at campus protests that have dominated the news cycle over the last week.

The arrest figures from New York seem to confirm other reports that the protests are being directed by forces outside the student body at many of the universities involved.

A week ago, The New York Post ran a report claiming that George Soros and Soros-backed groups have funnelled significant amounts of money to some of the most prominent groups involved in the protests.

The protests at Yale, Berkeley, the Ohio State University, Emory in Georgia and other universities are being led by the Soros-funded group Students for Justice in Palestine or the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.

The USCPR has received over $300,000 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since 2017 and $355,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund since 2019.

The Open Society Foundations are now controlled by George Soros’s son, Alex.

The Foundations are used to funnel large amounts of money to other groups like the Tides Foundation, which then distributes it to smaller groups like A Jewish Voice for Peace.

Campus protestors have also proclaimed that “intifada revolution” is necessary not just in Gaza but also in the US, where it will be the prelude to a “socialist reconstruction of the United States.”

“We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the United States of America,” said one speaker at a rally at George Washington University. 

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