Handlers doing more damage control on Biden’s cognitive decline.

The Biden campaign team has admitted that they are looking to shorten his speeches, presumably to limit the visibility of his cognitive decline.

The campaign, however, insists they simply want to prioritize “quality over quantity.”

“Our campaign believes in quality over quantity,” Biden Deputy Campaign manager Quentin Fulks told MSBNC on Saturday. “We believe that these touches, these smaller things that are getting to the point about what is going on in the stakes of this election are gonna be easier for the voters to tap into.”

NBC reports Biden’s handlers are “looking to shorten his speeches” to limit his public displays of cognitive decline.

A Biden campaign spokesman insists it’s about “quality over quantity.” pic.twitter.com/GreyaVbgN6

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 4, 2024

Given Biden’s speeches are already conspicuously short, how much shorter can his speeches really get?

Is that..possible?

I suppose they can just have him show up, smile, crap his pants and leave.

— JD Sharp (@imjdsharp) May 4, 2024

I guess they can’t shorten his responses in press conferences since he hardly gives any.

— Kelkat (@Tweetytweeter63) May 4, 2024

Biden’s speech writers get paid double for 1/2 the work. His next speech is simply hello, goodbye.

— Mike Leigh Torres (@MikeLeighTorres) May 5, 2024

Seriously (?). What about that agreement to debate DJT … how’s that going to work?

— Jeffrey Hale (@JonsonCrik) May 5, 2024

Apparently, they no longer have the option of hiding Biden in the basement.

— jon charles baker (@paulkeres155) May 4, 2024

This comes days after reports emerged that Biden was using a team of “walkers” to flank him on his way to Marine One to hide his “shuffling gait.”

From The Telegraph:

Traditionally, presidents approach the helicopter alone to give photographers a clearer shot but Mr Biden’s team became concerned that footage of him walking alone emphasised his shuffling gait and could worsen concerns about his age, Axios reported.

They said that walking slowly across the grass alone made Mr Biden look older.

The team has reportedly tasked a team of advisers also travelling with Mr Biden to walk alongside him for the Marine One shot, obscuring Mr Biden’s legs.

Nevertheless, Biden claimed last week that he’d be “happy” to debate former President Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election, a prospect that has many Democrats worried.


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