Victim forced to turn over valuables as suspect pointed gun at his baby’s head

A trio of suspects are facing a slew of felony charges after they allegedly pistol-whipped a baby and forced the father to turn over valuables with a gun pointed at his child’s head this week in Berkeley, California.

The crime spree unfolded on Wednesday afternoon in the ultra-leftist Bay Area enclave.

The armed suspects were traveling in a stolen Toyota sedan when they first committed an auto burglary at around 1:30 p.m., according to Berkeley police.

Around 15 minutes later, they ambushed a man holding a baby near the UC Berkeley campus.

“During the robbery, the men pointed a gun at the baby’s head and threatened to kill him if his father didn’t comply,” the Berkeley Scanner reports, citing police.

One of the suspects reportedly pistol-whipped the father, also striking the child in the process.

The father surrendered a gold chain, cell phone, and his gold teeth before the suspects fled the scene.

Berkeley police pursued the trio, who eventually crashed the stolen Toyota in North Oakland and were arrested shortly after.

Officers reportedly found a pistol with a extended magazine inside the vehicle, along with the victim’s cell phone and necklace, but could not locate the gold teeth.

The suspects were identified as Delaughn Hartzfield, 23, Dante Richmond, 27, and Stacy Tidwell, 23.

“On Thursday, the DA’s office charged all three men with robbery, two counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, child abuse, criminal threats, auto burglary, two counts of evading police, carrying a concealed firearm, vehicle theft, and receiving stolen property,” the Scanner reports, citing court documents.

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