Chris Cuomo admitted for the first time that he is among the vaccine-injured

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has admitted in an interview that he has been suffering from side effects he believes were caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. Cuomo was a high-profile advocate of vaccination during the pandemic, and berated guests on his show for encouraging “vaccine hesitancy.”

Cuomo made the admission in an interview with nurse-practitioner Sean Barcavage, on Cuomo’s show for NewsNation.

“We know that vaccines can have unintended consequences, a.k.a. side effects,” said Cuomo. “But nobody’s really talking about it because they’re too afraid of blame, and they just want it to go away.”

“But the problem is people like Sean and me and millions of others who still have weird stuff with their bloodwork and their lives and their feelings physically are not going away.”

Later in the interview, Cuomo told Barcavage, “I’m sick myself.”

Years after getting his covid vaccine, nurse practitioner Shaun Barcavage is still suffering severe side effects. My substack is full of resources on covid long haul – join here:

— Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) May 4, 2024

Barcavage was featured in a recent New York Times article on people who have been harmed by the COVID-19 vaccines. In the interview with Cuomo, he described how the negative effects of the COVID vaccine were almost immediately apparent to him.

“As soon as I was injured—15, 20 minutes into my first dose—I experienced numbness and tingling up and down my injected arm, which spread over the day to my face and my eyes,” he explained.

“I consulted a neurologist who ran some tests and remarked, ‘Well, this is all new. We don’t know much about it, but the hospital is going to mandate it. You should get a second dose.’ Everything in my medical mind and in my bones was telling me, ‘No, if you have a reaction to something, don’t do it again.’”

Despite knowing that the first dose had caused him harm, Barcavage felt he had to take a second.

“However, the pressure was immense. Then, three weeks later, I received a second dose, and after that, everything blew up. I went from being a healthy, 100% healthy, fully functioning nurse to a complete downward spiral of health. I developed a myriad of symptoms,” he added.

Barcavage’s quest for support and answers led him overseas, to Germany, where he was able to have detailed tests to confirm his symptoms.

He slammed the Biden administration for its handling of the side effects of the COVID vaccines.

“If the government had just said, ‘Hey, these are novel vaccines. There will be reactions. Let’s set up a program to handle them, establish a fund, and oblige the manufacturers to provide help or research,’ I think the citizens would have appreciated that.”

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