A Mexican border agent is seen caning migrants in an attempt to dislodge them from the train

Mexican guards struggled to displace dozens of migrants from a freight train popularly known as “the Beast” as it reached the Mexican border near Eagle Pass.

The footage, posted on Twitter, shows Mexican border guards trying to get migrants to leave a freight train as it nears the US-Mexico border.

At one point a female officer draws a cane and begins beating the migrants.

Agentes del Instituto Mexicano de inmigración tratan de bajar a decenas de migrantes a la fuerza, del tren que llaman “La Bestia”. En el video se aprecian a una uniformada dándole bastonazos a un migrante. El Tren está parado cerca de Piedras Negras frontera con Eagle Pass, TX. pic.twitter.com/UGs7Cpjt5N

— Pedro Ultreras (@pedroultreras) May 3, 2024

“The Beast” or “El Bestia” begins its route in Chiapas in southern Mexico, near the Guatemalan border, and travels north to the outskirts of Mexico City. From there it connects with a network of other trains that then head to the US border.

Every year it’s estimated that between 400,000 and 500,000 migrants ride freight trains to the US border with Mexico. Passengers have been banned on the trains since 2014. The Beast has earned the grim nickname “the Train of Death” because of the number of migrants who are injured or killed riding it.

Support groups such as Las Patronas and Grupos Beta follow alongside the train tracks and distribute aid to migrants riding the Beast and other trains.

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