Biden looks like a deer in headlights as CNN’s Erin Burnett rattles off dismal economic data points.

Joe Biden struggled to defend his terrible record Wednesday when confronted by CNN over polls showing voters “by a wide margin trust Trump more on the economy.”

CNN anchor Erin Burnett broke the bleak news to Biden that part of the reason why voters may be turning to Trump on the economy is the bad economic data related to inflation and rising prices.

“It’s also true right now Mr. President that voters by a wide margin trust Trump more on the economy. They say that in polls. And part of the reason for that may be the numbers,” Burnett told Biden on an OutFront interview set to air Wednesday night.

SAVAGE: CNN just aired the most brutal 2-minute takedown of Joe Biden’s Presidency during an interview with him as a reporter hurls rapid-fire reality checks to his FACE:

“Voters trust Trump more on the economy.”

“Housing prices have doubled”

“Real income is down after…

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) May 8, 2024

Burnett then dug into the hard data showing costs rising across the board while wages have gone down.

“You’re aware of many of these, of course. The cost of buying a home in the United States is double what it was when you look at your monthly costs from before the pandemic,” she explained. “Real income when you account for inflation is actually down since you took office. Economic growth last week far short of expectations. Consumer confidence, maybe no surprise, is near a two-year low.”

“With less than six months to go to Election Day, are you worried that you’re running out of time to turn that around?” she asked him.

Biden shot back, “We already turned it around!” He then cited a Quinnipiac University survey claiming 65% of Michigan voters feel they’re “in good shape” financially.

“The polling data has been wrong all along,” he added.

Notably, that Quinnipiac survey showed 35% of voters describing the state of the economy as either excellent or good, while “an overwhelming 65% of voters say the economy is doing either not so good (28%) or poor (37%).

According to a recent nationwide CNN poll — a network hostile to Trump — the former president leads Biden on the economy by 19 points and immigration by 15 points.

The latest CNN poll (the central party body of the US Democratic Party) states the advantage of Donald Trump over Joe Biden in the eyes of voters on key issues on the agenda:

Economy (+19)
Immigration (+14)
Foreign conflicts (+6)

Even in the clause about protecting and…

— S p r i n t e r F a c t o r y (@Sprinterfactory) May 3, 2024

A black Wisconsin community organizer also told CNN on Wednesday that black voters believe the economy was doing better under Trump and that “Biden is making it worse.”

“As I see the prices rise with Biden, they think Trump made the economy better and Biden is making it worse,” Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) JaVonne Lue said.

Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) worker tells CNN that Black voters were doing better under Trump

“As they see the prices rise with Biden, they think Trump made the economy better and Biden is making it worse.”

— MAGA War Room (@MAGAIncWarRoom) May 8, 2024

Biden’s full CNN interview is set to air at 7PM EST.

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