Incident being investigated

Cameras captured the moment another Boeing aircraft malfunctioned as several of the company’s planes have suffered dangerous errors this year, with many people blaming leftist DEI policies.

The latest incident took place on Wednesday, when a FedEx Boeing 767 cargo plane was landing in Istanbul on a trip from Paris.

Video shows the plane’s front landing gear failed to extend and the pilot was forced to land with the tip of the nose scraping against the runway.

Pistte 370 metre sürüklendi, ekipler 15 saniyede müdahale etti.

İstanbul Havalimanı’daki kazadan yeni görüntüler…

— TRT HABER (@trthaber) May 8, 2024

A Boeing 767 cargo plane landed at Istanbul airport without its front landing gear – it did not come out at the right time. The plane nosedived into the runway, but there were no casualties.

— Gennady Simanovsky (@GennadySimanovs) May 8, 2024

The crew onboard the aircraft were safe and uninjured, and an investigation into the incident is reportedly ongoing.

Meanwhile, two Boeing whistleblowers have mysteriously died in recent months:


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