Could this be the infancy of another election year pandemic?

70 Colorado dairy workers are being monitored for symptoms of Bird Flu after being recently exposed to the virus, according to state officials.

ABC 7 Denver‘s Óscar Contreras reported on a Wednesday night town hall where Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy spoke about the outbreak.

“People who are exposed to sick birds and cattle are more likely to get infected,” Dr. Herlihy told the audience.

Here’s the story, finally.

No plans in place to modify livestock shows/fairs this summer despite many questions about how #H5N1 is spreading among cows.

More importantly: 70 CO dairy workers are being monitored for possible exposure to the virus:

— Óscar A. Contreras (@oscarcontrarius) May 9, 2024

“To date, none of them have reported symptoms of avian flu, so they have not met criteria to be tested for avian flu per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” a state representative told Contreras in an email.

The state told CBS 11 KKTV it will provide any dairy farm workers who have symptoms with testing and antiviral medicines.

So far, the two confirmed cases of humans contracting the virus both resulted in mild illnesses and there have been no cases of human-to-human transmission recorded.

However, Dr. Herlihy noted during the recent Colorado town hall that “as the virus continues to spread among different species and spreads more widely, the virus has more opportunities to evolve and encounter humans more often.”

The globalists keep telling everyone another pandemic is inevitable, and there’s no telling what they’ll pull considering it’s an election year.


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