Violent assault captured on camera

Footage shows the moment a woman walking down a New York City street was approached from behind and dragged to the ground by a man who choked her with a belt.

There is little information online about the attack, but the video shows the man was wearing something over his face and that he dragged the woman in between two cars parked on the side of the road.

Graphic Warning: Disgusting video out of New York shows a man snag a woman with a belt before dragging her behind a vehicle. Video was posted online without further information.
If you recognize this man contact your local police. #nyc #newyork #crime

— PPV_TAHOE (@ppv_tahoe) May 9, 2024

Crime in the Democrat hellhole is spiraling out of control, but the establishment is doing its best to fudge the numbers.

Earlier this week, a Queens bodega worker stabbed and killed a Bronx man after the customer reportedly choked the worker.

The Queens District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating that stabbing, but bystanders say the bodega worker was defending himself.


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