I would like to inquire if a study was done on this or is one planned to be done soon.

The police have the most contact with ‘anyone and everyone’ and because of the nature of their jobs they are often required to perform ‘close contact’ duties. This letter is no way a condemnation of police actions. Only a fact based perspective, which makes them the perfect ‘Group’ to obtain this data from.

Police are exempt from all covid mandates.They are required to be in close contact with many people each dayThey are required to go from person to personThey often have to go to homes and businessesThey are passing tickets back and forthArresting someone requires physical contactThey are often in contact with everyone who is in quarantineThey are always the ones sent into high risk situations.

There are 531 (number taken from online) sworn police offices in Halifax, HRP Dept (This zone in NS is the highest for Covid Cases and infections). That does not include RCMP and other police agencies in Nova Scotia. I am sure the Premiers office would have much better access to that information than myself.

Has anyone considered this? Or done any science based research for data related to ‘rates of infection’ among police officers in Nova Scotia? It is a control group that has all sick days and time off documented. Not to mention, if they were found to have contracted the covid virus they are obligated to follow all public health guidelines and a record linked to this information. Could this be considered for every police dept across Canada?

I would be very interested to see the data on the ‘rate of infection’ in the first 3 months of the pandemic in the start of 2020. That was the period of time we had the highest rates of covid in the province and Canada. I recall that it was also the time NO ONE had any PPE , including businesses and police and all before the mask mandate and other mandates were yet to be enacted.

How many police officers were out sick since the pandemic?

Was their sickness related to covid?

How many police tested positive for covid since March of last year?

What is the rate of infection among ‘police officers’ compared to the public who are subject to the mandates?

Thank you


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