Five toys based on iconic startup failures. | Screenshot: Dead Startup Toys

For its latest drop, internet collective MSCHF is releasing five famous startup failures as miniature toys for $40 each, or $160 for a set. The Dead Startup Toys drop is comprised of the Juicero juicer, the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) rugged laptop, Theranos miniLab, Jibo social robot, and the Coolest Cooler, which MSCHF calls the “poster child for the pitfalls of crowdfunding.”

“This is not a memorialization,” MSCHF says, “but perhaps they are a form of necromancy: we celebrate their pale shadows, deprived of their original context.” Describing the toys as the equivalent to “a line of heads on stakes,” MSCHF invites us to “behold these beautiful mutants, hoisted on petards of their own solid-aluminum-unibody construction.”

The failures…

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