Snowflakes and doorbells, the perfect duo | Image: Google

Google announced this Wednesday on its Nest community blog the return of holiday-themed ringtones for Nest Doorbells (via 9to5Google). Visitors arriving for family holiday gatherings can now press the Nest Doorbell and be greeted with sounds of the holidays, including “Winter,” Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New Year’s jingles.

Time to give your #NestDoorbell ringtone some holiday cheer.

Choose from:
…and more!

Turn on holiday ringtones for the Nest Doorbell (battery) in the Google Home app, or for the Nest Doorbell (wired) in the Nest app:

— Made By Google (@madebygoogle) December 1, 2021

Google did have holiday bell options last year as well — but…

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