A new TikTok trend has transformed a cat meme into an expansive roleplaying system. It only took three days to tank its fictional economy. | Image: Jess Weatherbed / The verge

You’re walking through the woods when a cat approaches you. “It’s not safe out here” they say, asking you to accompany them back to their home. Upon arrival at a delightfully kitsch cabin you’re presented with a bowl of warm stew, a thick coat, and a sword to protect you from outside dangers. You pay the cat four “dabloons” and venture back outside to continue your journey.

No, this isn’t a new Elder Scrolls game — it’s the latest viral trend sweeping TikTok, which saw a niche in-joke rapidly expand into an immersive roleplaying experience within a matter of days.

Confused? Let me explain:

Image: KnowYourMeme
TikTok users managed to create a full roleplay community based around a collapsing economy from…this.

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