Driver escapes by swimming back to Mexico during wild pursuit in South Texas

A human smuggler dumped illegal aliens into traffic before crashing into the Rio Grande and swimming back to Mexico during a wild pursuit in Texas, according to authorities.

The harrowing incident unfolded on Saturday in Webb County near the southern border.

Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) troopers attempted to pull over a suspicious SUV when the driver began taking evasive action.


4/20: A smuggler led @TxDPS Troopers on a high-speed pursuit in Webb County.

During the pursuit, the smuggler slowed down and allowed multiple illegal immigrants to bail out but accelerated, causing one of the illegal immigrants to sustain injuries to his head.…

— Chris Olivarez (@LtChrisOlivarez) April 23, 2024

While racing down an I-35 service road, the driver briefly slowed and allowed a passenger to dive from the moving vehicle, apparently striking his head during a brutal landing.

Additional passengers jumped from the SUV into traffic as the chase continued but it is unclear if they suffered injuries because most of them apparently escaped.

The driver charged south towards Mexico with multiple TxDPS patrol vehicles on his tail.

After turning down a dirt road, the smuggler flew over an embankment and crashed into the border river.

“The smuggler drove his vehicle into the Rio Grande and evaded apprehension by swimming to Mexico,” explained TxDPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez.

One illegal alien was turned over to Border Patrol.

Dangerous smuggling pursuits unfold constantly along the U.S.-Mexico border, as InfoWars frequently reports.

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