One side of the moon always faces Earth, but is not always dark.

America’s useless, corrupt-to-the-core Congress is back at it again making collective fools of themselves about science and space.

The latest deranged, well-past-his-prime dinosaur to say something utterly stupid on the public stage is NASA Director Bill Nelson, who in speaking with Congress the other day discussed plans by the United States government to build a base on the south pole of the moon because there is supposedly water there.

China has prioritized setting up a base on the back side of the moon, but Nelson has no idea why because he believes that the far side of the moon is “always dark,” never seeing any sunlight – watch the cringe-fest below:

The U.S plans to build its first(?) base on the south pole of the moon, because water. China has prioritized the backside of the moon, NASA Director Bill Nelson has no idea why.

— James (@JamesIsSteezy) April 19, 2024

Nelson, by the way, is the top dog at NASA, meaning he is supposed to represent the best that America has to offer in terms of expertise about the known universe. How did this guy come to occupy his post, we wonder?

“Unbelievable,” tweeted Phil Parker (@PhillipTParker) about this embarrassing display of stupidity by Nelson. “The moon orbits the Earth. And the ‘back side’ is certainly not dark. It receives sunlight with every revolution around our world.”

Don’t wanna be an American idiot

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.) did something similar around the time of the second Great American Eclipse when she incorrectly told a room full of students during a ceremony that the moon is “made up mostly of gases.”

Lee, by the way, is a former member of the Science Committee, as well as a former Ranking Member of the Space and Aeronautics Committee, meaning she, too, should know at least the basics about space.

Lee received heavy backlash on social media – and rightfully so – for spreading fake science that is so easily debunked, not to mention so widely known and understood even by youngsters with a rudimentary understanding of the universe.

“Obviously I misspoke and meant to say the sun, but as usual, Republicans are focused on stupid things instead of stuff that really matters,” Lee fumed on X in response to all the backlash, turning the criticism into partisan banter (as usual).

Truth be told, Rep. Lee, many Republicans are just as dumb as you are. Pretty much the entire U.S. Congress is a pack of utter morons who are beholden to special interests, mainly Israel, rather than the people they supposedly represent.

“I believe this sort of thing is put out to disable a person’s critical faculties,” one of our regular readers wrote about these public displays of stupidity.

“When only falsehoods are shown in media and education then the mind caves in and experiences a break down. It just doesn’t know what to believe. It then accepts what it is told, and uncritically.”

Another wrote jokingly that Lee is “mostly full of hot air and gasses” herself, which would explain why she said what she said.

Someone else, referencing Nelson’s fake science, joked that perhaps China wants to build a base on the back side of the moon because the Chinese “are massive Pink Floyd fans.”

“All these guys do is lie,” wrote another about the U.S. government as a whole, which no longer in any way represents the will of We the People.

The entire U.S. Congress needs to be drained, dredged and replaced with people who have integrity and who knows basic, common-sense facts about the universe, would you not agree? Learn more at

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