Unsealed testimony suggests Trump did not remove the classified documents himself

Was Trump deliberately set up with boxes of classified documents by the FBI? That’s the disturbing question Julie Kelly asked yesterday as she considered unredacted material from the Trump Florida case, in which the former president is charged with 40 felony charges for mishandling classified documents and associated crimes.

In a newly unsealed transcript, an FBI agent states that the General Services Administration was holding six pallets of documents in Virginia. The GSA then contacted Trump’s office to inform them that the documents had to be removed.

These documents were then shipped to Mar-a-Lago. They appear to be the documents labelled with “classified markings” that are at the center of the case against Trump.

WELL WELL WELL I am pretty sure we never heard this part of the “classified documents/box” story!

More from unredacted motions in FLA–this is from an unsealed transcript of witness interview.

FBI agent says GSA was holding large quantity of Trump’s boxes in VA and then ordered… pic.twitter.com/0i4tGdWZ9A

— Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) April 27, 2024

“So, in other words, the federal government potentially shipped boxes of classified information from government storage to Trump at Mar-a-Lago, then charged him for possessing it, then rescinded his clearance after charging him?” Tweeted one user in response to Kelly’s analysis of the transcript.

Kelly: “Basically.”

The information in the transcript tallies with testimony by Trump’s attorney Tim Parlatore to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence last April.

“When President Trump left office, there was little time to prepare for the outgoing transition from the presidency. Unlike his three predecessors, each of whom had over four years to prepare for their departure upon completion of their second term, President Trump had a much shorter time to wind up his administration.”

“White House staffers and General Service Administration employees quickly packed everything into boxes and shipped them to Florida. This was a stark change from the standard preparations made by GSA and National Archives and Records Administration for prior administrations.”

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