Members of an Arizona fraternity removed tents and other material from their campus

Members of a fraternity at Arizona State University helped dismantle a pro-Palestine encampment last night as protestors were driven off campus by police.

In a widely reposted video on Twitter, fraternity members can be seen loading tents and other materials into the back of a truck, while police in riot gear shield them from protestors.

Happening now. @ASU and the police are using frat boys to destroy the camp at Old Main. This is insane. #Occupy4Gaza

— AZResist🌵 (@az_resist) April 27, 2024

A voice, presumably the voice of the person filming the incident, can be heard saying, “We’ve got white frat boys throwing away the protestors’ belongings and we’ve got the pigs in brown doing nothing about it, although we are being forced off campus.”

The video was greeted with anger by leftists on the social-media site, not least of all because of the race and gender of the makeshift cleanup crew.

Others praised the fraternity members.

“More of this sanity, please! Good on these @ASU students responsibly disposing of garbage. And does the shrill thing complaining about ‘white frat boys’ sound like Linda Sarsour?! She often hangs out around trash,” Tweeted one user.

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