White House refusing to comment.

The United States is cutting Israel off from ammunition made here at home, this according to two Israeli officials familiar with the matter.

For the first time since October 7, the U.S., at the order of the Biden regime, canceled a shipment of ammo to the Jewish state that was intended to replenish Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Netanyahu regime, meanwhile, wants to know why.

It appears as though the Biden regime is having to grapple with overwhelming public opposition to America’s support for Israel’s actions in Gaza. The president and his people are trying to play both sides of the conflict, at times calling Netanyahu to account for how U.S.-made weapons and ammunition are being used.

With the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) seeking the arrest of Netanyahu and others in the Israeli government, President Biden continues to press Israel for reassurances that its military is using the arms in accordance with international law.

Back in March, Israel signed this letter assuring the Biden regime that all is fine and dandy in Gaza.

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White House refusing to comment

When pressed for answers about why the sudden change of heart concerning the ammo shipments, the White House reportedly refused to comment. The same non-response was issued by the Pentagon, the State Department and the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, according to Axios.

The biggest concern seems to be Netanyahu’s impending invasion of Rafah, a southern city in the Gaza Strip where the last remaining displaced Palestinians – around one million of them – are sheltering after being driven there from the northerly parts of Gaza by the IDF.

Much of the world is concerned about the innocent lives in Rafah that stand to be slaughtered by the IDF, which could explain why the Biden regime is holding back all the ammo that was supposed to be sent there last week.

Netanyahu has made it unequivocally clear that no matter what kind of hostage deal is forged with Hamas, the Israeli military will invade Rafah and unleash what is sure to become the worst phase yet of the Gaza genocide and ethnic cleansing operation.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Netanyahu issued the following statement, which hints at tensions between his regime and the Biden regime over the Gaza genocide.

“In the terrible Holocaust, there were great world leaders who stood by idly; therefore, the first lesson of the Holocaust is: If we do not defend ourselves, nobody will defend us,” Netanyahu said.

“And if we need to stand alone, we will stand alone.”

Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Israel and had a “tough” conversation with Netanyahu about the Rafah operation. During the meeting, Blinken informed Netanyahu that “a major military operation” will not go over well publicly, and will only further erode U.S.-Israel relations.

Israeli leaders reportedly understand that Biden “is sincere,” according to White House spokesman John Kirby, when he says changes to U.S. policy concerning Israel will come “should they move ahead with some sort of ground operation in Rafah that doesn’t take into account the refugees.”

Mediators in Egypt and Qatar continue to push forward in pursuit of a hostage deal that would lead to a pause in the fighting, though Netanyahu is insistent that the forging of one will not change his plans for Rafah in the coming days.

On Sunday, Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant visited Israeli military forces in Gaza, commenting that he saw “worrying signals” that Hamas is not planning to move toward an agreement on releasing any of the remaining hostages.

“This means that an operation in Rafah and in other parts of Gaza will take place in the very near future,” Gallant commented.

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