The country’s strategic forces are always ‘on alert’ against potential threats, the Russian president has said at the Victory Day parade.

Russia will do all in its power to prevent a “global collision,” but will also not allow any threats to the country, President Vladimir Putin has said in his address to the Victory Day military parade in Moscow.

At the event celebrating the 79th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany, Putin noted that the Russian military is “always on alert” and ready to defend the country’s sovereignty.

“The West would like to forget the lessons of World War II, but we remember that the fate of humanity was decided in grandiose battles near Moscow and Leningrad,” as well as other cities, Putin said.

The president emphasized that Russia is “experiencing a difficult milestone period” in its history, noting that the fate of the country depends on every Russian. “We celebrate this Victory Day in the conditions of the special military operation – all its participants, those who are on the front lines – they are our heroes. We bow to their perseverance and sacrifice. All of Russia is with you,” Putin stated. Read more May 9th: How the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender became the chief national holiday in modern Russia

The Russian leader stressed that the country remembers all those who lost lives while fighting Nazism and those who were killed during the Ukraine conflict. He commemorated them with a minute of silence.

“May 9 is always a very emotional, poignant day… Victory Day unites all generations. We are moving forward based on our centuries-old traditions and are confident that together we will ensure a free, safe future for Russia,” Putin stressed.

The president’s speech ended in the traditional manner with canon blasts and the Russian national anthem.

Military parades and other events celebrating Victory Day are taking place in over 300 cities across Russia. For over a decade now, the celebration also included a massive civilian march known as the Immortal Regiment, in which people carry portraits of their relatives who fought the Nazis during the war. This year, the ceremony was canceled due to security concerns.

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