“A city that can’t keep violent felons in jail wants to lock up a president for talking,” says Fox News late night host.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld evicserated New York City’s two-tiered system of justice during his monologue on Thursday as prosecutors try to jail former President Donald Trump for violating a gag order.

“On Tuesday, Judge Merchan held Donald Trump in contempt of court and fined him $9,000 for violating a gag order. Trump should have reached into his wallet, grabbed the $9,000 in cash and thrown it at the judge and said: ‘Here, go bang Stormy Daniels eight times,’” Gutfeld began on his show Gutfeld!

~ GUTFELD ~ Monologue

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— Gary D (@KMGGaryde) May 3, 2024

“It’s funny: A city that can’t keep violent felons in jail wants to lock up a president for talking. Their priorities are more out-of-whack than a morning show hosted by people who hate each other.”

“Meanwhile, Judge Merchan’s daughter…a progressive political hack, is sending out solicitations invoking the Trump trial, raising millions for her clients,” he continued. “Among them: Adam Schiff, lead prosecutor in Trump’s first impeachment, who will hopefully use the money for a neck transplant. So Trump’s not allowed to talk. How did he react? Is the gag order unique? Unconstitutional? Corrupt?”

Gutfeld went on to mock porn star Stormy Daniels and Trump’s former lawyer and serial perjurer Michael Cohen before explaining how the whole “hush money” trial has only played into Trump’s hands politically.

“His numbers are up, his performance is sharper, funnier, even looser. And more and more Americans look back at his tenure as president fondly,” Gutfeld noted.

“Who knew the courtroom would lead to a Trump boom? He’s pretty much leading in all the swing states and up nationally by 6 points without ever being able to really campaign. The trials are spinach to Trump’s Popeye.”

“So what do the Dems do now? They have nothing to run on, and every time they use lawfare, it backfires. No wonder they hired Steven Spielberg. Biden is lost in the ‘Twilight Zone,’ and Trump, well, he’s ‘Jaws.’ They’d better bring a bigger boat,” he added.


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